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80304 Boulder, CO

The Astral Mysteries is the tradition and philosophy of using the powers of the heavens, our solar system and galaxy, for spiritual benefit and understanding. It is a strong foundation and influence for what we call Meditation, Magick and Astrology.
This is a non-sectarian universalist research group, community book club and practice group. The subjects under consideration will be governed by the participants on an equal basis as they relate to the philosophy of the mysteries.

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S10 5GG Sheffield

This group is for anyone intrested in developing psychic spiritual pathway and soul development.
experimenting with higher self/soul connection. For the past few years I have trained as a hypnotherapist. Now offering spiritual develeopment via hypnosis. Currently I am working on my first book which will be based on soul connections

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85742 Tucson, AZ

Welcome to our Astro News Community Group!
This is also where you can find, meet & mingle with your

If you are wanting to exchange wisdom, you have come to the right place. We invite mentors and students alike to come populate our new cyber forum!

Members can mingle with others seekers and discuss astrological facts, data - transits, aspects and more with each other in the forum
"All Things Spiritual".

Our community provides:

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89119 Las Vegas, NV

We are a metaphysical group of students and teachers dedicated to developing strategies in relationships, business and magick to create greatness in our lives. We intend to help others and live by the gold rule of "equivalent exchange." Please join us for monthly meetups in Las Vegas centered around: numerology, planets, astrology, astronomy, ESP, magick, and intention. Please be a conscious lifestyle person, as we choose the highest good and most vital aspects of the self and the community to develop. Our other groups are in San Diego, Phoenix, and the world.

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Il s'agit de se rencontrer autour de la pratique de l'interprétation astrologique ou même de s'y initier pour les débutants, dans une intention claire de développement personnel et d'une meilleure connaissance de soi et des autres dans un monde en pleine mutation qui nous oblige tous à évoluer en Conscience. Tout ceci dans l'Amour et si possible dans l'Humour de la Vie!

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Astrology is an excellent tool for understanding yourself and all that is going on around you. Whatever your level of astrology knowledge either beginner, practitioner or those simply wanting to experiment with astrology, come along to learn and share how to integrate astrology into your life during these challenging times. This group will introduce astrology to enable participants to interpret their birth charts using guidelines (i.e. astrology texts from Stephen Arroyo, Donna Cunningham etc.) to gain a deeper understanding of charts, people and eventually astrology itself.

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English:this Group for those who are interested in astrology and tarot.

It is a free workshop, we does not have a teacher.

we will forecast each other by tarot and horoscope.

organizer is Japanese, not good at English but I work hard so that all people can enjoy

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92543 Hemet, CA

This is a small group with limited space. It is for the individual who has very little knowledge of how Astrology really works.
This is for the person who wants to know:
What IS a chart?
What do you mean my sun is in a certain house.
What's a HOUSE.
How is Atrology and Metaphysics connected?
This course is basic.
This is a stepping stone to let you go on more complex Astrology or just find out more about yourself and those around you.
Each class will be from 8 pm to 10:30pm.
There will be a break about 9 p.m.

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32822 Orlando, FL

This group is following astrology classes with Marielena, at winter park, and Orlando. Our classes start wit the study of, the solar system, meaning of the planet(archetypal), houses(menanin of each constellation), how to calculate with a sofrware and math an astrological chart,, interpretation and direction of how to counsel the client under humanistic perspective. you find more information at www.marielenazamudio.com. Thank you

1 dan, fernando,adriana,maria,


NW8 8EU London

This group is for anyone with an interest in Astrology who wants to know more and share this interest with others of like mind.
Astrology is a great tool for self development and divination. It can give one a deeper understanding of oneself, life experiences and events.
At our meet ups you can:
Learn how to interpret your own and other people's birthchart.
Learn about different subjects and facets of astrology
Have your birthchart interpreted by an Astrologer and by fellow group members

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