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The Path - A place to learn and grow


98466 Tacoma, WA

Hello and welcome to The Path!
Here we offer opportunities for blossoming intuitives to practice their craft in an environment of love and acceptance and to expand their abilities and gifts. We offer give those who seek spiritual guidance the opportunity to receive guidance from the group's wisdom.
So if you are an amateur psychic/medium/intuitive/reader, or wish to learn to become one, we encourage you to join us.
If you are in need of caring and empowering spiritual guidance, this is the place for you.
Please understand that The Path is not offering to teach anyone how to be a psychic. We are simply offering the opportunity to develop your intuitive skills in a place free of judgement and fear.
If this sounds good to you, I hope to meet you soon!

The Path - A place to learn and grow (371 Fellow Travellers)


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